Magic of the Queen – live tribute show was born out of love for music as a tribute to the legendary Freddie Mercury and the spectacular Queen. Magic of the Queen is a Szczecin based tribute band performing live renditions of Queen greatest songs all across Poland as well as abroad.

Let us take you through the history of  Queen work with our 100% live performances- from the studio versions to their best spirited concerts.

Hear amazingly authentic and breath-taking renditions of some rock hits such as: „Bohemian Rhapsody”, „We are the champions”, „A kind of magic”, „We will rock you”, “I want to break free”.

Get the most genuine look & sound and feel the spirit of Queen thanks to custom-tailored costumes, unmistakable dance moves, dynamic percussion, intense sounds of electric guitar, keyboard instruments as well as a complementing bass guitar. The energy generated during concerts together with uncanny resemblance to the original will make the audience forget that it is a tribute band!

Magic of the Queen professional experience and unrivaled attention to every detail make it one the best tribute acts.

For all those looking for some incredible performance the band is available for all kinds of events, festivals, clubs, open air shows etc.


Please contact the band for more details. We’d love to hear from you!



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